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Remote Support for Free – Team Viewer

One of my tech-gurus, Robert Heron, mentioned that he used Team Viewer as a way to give tech support for his mom. You could also use it to remotely access your home computer if you were away. It is free … Continue reading

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Classic Shell for Windows 10

After my last Windows 10 update #1511, I noticed that my START button, bottom left, had stopped working when I did a left-click with the mouse. I couldn’t get to the programs I normally wanted to run. The right mouse … Continue reading

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Public Wifi – BAD!

In this podcast by Leo LaPorte and Steve Gibson, they talk about the dangers of public WiFi from an article over a year old. Here’s the link for the article they talk about. The bad guys can pretend to be … Continue reading

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Audio Problems with Windows 10

Since this has happened twice to a friend, I thought I’d document it for when it happens a third time. A friend’s computer would play music, but not play the audio from a YouTube video. When you left clicked the … Continue reading

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Internet HotSpot on Your Phone

One of the great features on the newer phones is that they can be setup as a mobile internet access hotspot. While it’s a bit different on each phone and operating system, the basics are the same. On Android Lollipop, … Continue reading

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Chrome Remote Desktop

I am frequently in the position of trying to help a friend who is either across town or even in another state. Chrome Remote Desktop seems to be a pretty good way to do this. Here are the steps. Open … Continue reading

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VPN Solutions – keep your data private

Here is a roundup of VPN solutions that you may need when traveling. HotSpot Shield – I’ve used this in the past. HotSpot VPN Private Internet Access – this is what Patrick and Shannon recommend on TekThing. Pro XPN Tiny Hardware … Continue reading

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