Chrome Remote Desktop

I am frequently in the position of trying to help a friend who is either across town or even in another state. Chrome Remote Desktop seems to be a pretty good way to do this. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the Chrome Browser and install the Chrome Remote Desktop App/Extension on both computers. This is the hardest part and may entail a number of steps. On a Windows computer you will find it in the Adroid apps launcher.
  2. Start the Chrome Remote Desktop App on both computers.
  3. You will be given the screen below.


If you are the person needing the assistance, you will click on the Share button. This will generate a code. Write it down and give to the person who is helping you – probably by phone is the best.

If you are the Tech Support, click on the Access button and enter the code which the person just gave you. You now have access and control of their computer.


Another option is to use the TeamViewer program. This is also available on  a chromebook. I’ve tried this out with a friend and it works well and easily. is the program that your friend needs to download and run. They will get an ID number and password which you will have to enter.



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