Audio Problems with Windows 10

Since this has happened twice to a friend, I thought I’d document it for when it happens a third time.

A friend’s computer would play music, but not play the audio from a YouTube video.

When you left clicked the speaker icon, the volume was turned up and under the Control Panel the Audio devices were selected and working correctly.

I found the problem by right clicking the speaker icon and chose the “Open Volume Mixer.” It showed the graphic below. The sound was turned off for YouTube video and turned down for the System Sounds.

I’m not sure how this happened, but we’re ready when it happens again.



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One Response to Audio Problems with Windows 10

  1. Anonymous says:

    HI Tom,
    Thanks for the tip. I had a different issue in Windows 10. My sound worked on most things except when I put a movie dvd in the dvd drive. Everything is on in the sound mixer. I found that if I click on the explorer folder, this PC, Right click on the dvd drive with the movie in it, and select play with VLC media player, instead of the default app, the sound plays. If you don’t already have VLC you may need to google it and download it. Tom might know another workaround.

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