Classic Shell for Windows 10

After my last Windows 10 update #1511, I noticed that my START button, bottom left, had stopped working when I did a left-click with the mouse. I couldn’t get to the programs I normally wanted to run. The right mouse click seemed to work, but not the left.

I decided to do a Restore from System Restore Point.

This seems to have fixed the problem, but I’m still left with the problem that Windows insists that I install the 1511 update in the near future.

I’ve decided to add on the program I’ve used this program in the past and it’s basic function is to change the Start Menu and Windows Explorer to one which is more recognizable. It gives you a number of options and you can customize it to your liking. I also created a Restore Point after installing this program.


I’m now going to install the #1511 Update and see what happens.


After the #1511 Update, everything seems to be working and the Start Menu starts using the Class Shell Menu.

If you have this same problems mentioned above, hopefully this fix will keep you running.




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