Remote Support for Free – Team Viewer

One of my tech-gurus, Robert Heron, mentioned that he used Team Viewer as a way to give tech support for his mom.

You could also use it to remotely access your home computer if you were away.

It is free for personal use.

There are two different versions. One is the full-download which is what the main user/tech-support needs. Just do the basic installation and indicate you are using this for Personal Use.

The person who you are helping can use the Quick Support version which does not need an installation.You can find this on the main page where it says – “Join Remote Control Session.” This will download a file which you need to run.

Screenshot 2015-12-29 at 4.22.25 PM


The main problem I have had is that when the user you are helping is not an Administrator and when you try to do certain things which requires an Administrator password, then your lose control of the screen.

The solution is that you either need to tell the person what the Administrator password is – which is dangerous – or you can login into an Administrator account at the beginning and make all the changes that way.

I’ve also found that you can run Team Viewer from a Chromebook, but it only allows you to control other computers, but will not let other computers control you.


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One Response to Remote Support for Free – Team Viewer

  1. TeamViewer is good. No doubt about that. Additionally, one can even deploy on premise RHUB remote support appliances in order to remotely access computers from anywhere.

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