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Ad-Blocking – Pros and Cons

While it’s certainly true that ads on websites pay the bills associated with the website, they have also become a way for malware to get put on your computer. Violet Blue wrote an article about this for Engadget titled, “You … Continue reading

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Able2Extract PDF Converter

Almost monthly I get or find a PDF file that has some great information, but it’s not very useful since the information is tied up in the PDF format. Sometimes I can copy and paste a PDF file, but a … Continue reading

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Google Photos – Pros and Cons

Google Photos (GP) has an option to upload all your photos to their cloud account and they give you two options. Option #1 is to upload them in their full resolution, but they count against your 15 gb free limit. … Continue reading

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Phone Lost? Android Device Manager

If you have an Android phone/device, one of the easy ways to find it is to install Android Device Manager from the Google Play store, run it and then it gives you three options as seen below – Ring – … Continue reading

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BBB Scam Tracker

One of the resolutions you might want to make for 2016 is – “Don’t Fall for a Scam.” The famous quote, “There’s a sucker born every minute, ” seems to be the motto of thousands of bad guys who want … Continue reading

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Marshmallow – Android 6 for Phones

Version 6 of Android named Marshmallow has a number of features which I will document on this page. Some are new and some are just reminders to myself. The design looks almost identical so it won’t be confusing when it’s … Continue reading

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Blue Yeti Microphone Review

I was looking for a good all-purpose USB microphone and thought that the Blue Yeti USB microphone seemed like it might work well as it has some good reviews online. At $100, it’s double the price of some other microphones, … Continue reading

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