Blue Yeti Microphone Review


I was looking for a good all-purpose USB microphone and thought that the Blue Yeti USB microphone seemed like it might work well as it has some good reviews online.

At $100, it’s double the price of some other microphones, so that may be a consideration for some people, but for what you get, it seems like a bargain. It has four different modes – cardioid, stereo, omni-directional and bi-directional, so it should handle almost any situation.

The microphone and stand are large so they do take a fair amount of space. You can attach it to a microphone suspension boom if you take the Yeti off the stand it comes with.

It also includes a large usb cable with the instruction to plug it directly into the computer and not a usb hub.

I did an audio test and got good results when I was about 15 inches away from the microphone. I had the gain control in the middle. Below is what the audio looks like in Adobe Audition. When I looked at the areas when I wasn’t talking, even when the furnace was on, the noise level was a -54 which I don’t hear at normal levels, but is audible if you turn the speakers up. When the furnace was off the background noise was a -60, so a quiet environment does make a difference.


In general, I am very happy with this microphone. It’s a bit large and not easy to take apart, but those are the only two negatives.


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