Marshmallow – Android 6 for Phones

Version 6 of Android named Marshmallow has a number of features which I will document on this page. Some are new and some are just reminders to myself. The design looks almost identical so it won’t be confusing when it’s installed.

  • App Data Backup
  • App Permissions Improved – if you go to Apps and then click on the Settings button you can see which apps are using what permissions.
  • Cellular Data – you can now not only see how much you have used, but setup a warning and a cap.
  • marshmallow-cellular-data
  • Do Not Disturb – 2 finger swipe from top and choose Do Not Disturb – has different options.
  • Fingerprint Support
  • Gallery – You can move pictures from your phone to Google Photos.
  • Google Now – Press and hold the Home button and Google will read the screen and make suggestions. It does want to learn even more information about you, so I have not enabled this yet.
  • Google Pay – is now supported if you have a supported phone.
  • Home Screen – press and hold  any part of the screen which is clear. You can now make changes.
  • Screenshot – Vol. Down and Power Button – note I have to remove my case for this to work. If you then go into the Notification Tray you can share or delete it the screen shot.
  • SD Cards
  • Swipe Two Fingers – brings down the Settings Menu.
  • System UI Tuner – press and hold Settings button. You can show battery percentage.
  • Uninstall – you can now do this straight from the screen it is on – you don’t have to go to the app list.
  • USB – when connecting the phone to a computer, the phone won’t be recognized as a usb device. You can charge but that is all. However, if you add yourself as a Developer, then under Developer options, choose Select USB Configuration – and then select MTP.
  • Vertical Scrolling on apps.


  • USB cable does not connect when plugging it into chromebook.


Below is a great video which shows most of the changes.



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