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Drive Backup – Macrium Reflect

Here are details on using Macrium Reflect as a free drive backup. I used this to create a recovery usb drive and also an image of my Dell laptop. The video below is excellent and provides most of the details. … Continue reading

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Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

If you ever delete a file without using the Trash Bin or possibly empty the Trash Bin, here’s a good video on two options to help recover that file. The first option is to use the program Recuva – it’s … Continue reading

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Capture the Screen with the Snipping Tool

While this tool has been around for a while, I am just recently using it and enjoying its simplicity. It’s included with most Windows systems, so just do a Search for it and then put it on your Toolbar. When … Continue reading

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Driver Backup and Restore

If you ever want to format a drive and reinstall the operating system, you may run into the problem of not having the drivers for the computer. Here’s a solution to first backup the drivers from the computer and then … Continue reading

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Reset Windows 10 – DANGEROUS!

I was having trouble on my main laptop where I had exchanged a SSD for my hard drive. The computer would not go to sleep and even when powering down, I go an error when restarting. I decided to do … Continue reading

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Start Menu or Search Menu Not Working

I’m working on a friends Windows 10 computer and after adding a couple of Administrator accounts, I noticed that the Start button and Search buttons don’t work in the new accounts. Here is a possible solution. It has a number … Continue reading

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Movie Maker in Windows 10

For those of you looking for Movie Maker, it’s still available and will work with Windows 10. Here’s a video on the process. Note – it appears you can still download and install the other Windows Essentials programs.

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