Moving Old Program CDs to ISO files

I have a number of old programs that are still useful, but are on CDs. One way to keep them, but get rid of the CDs is to burn an Image ISO file.

I used the ImgBurn program to create the ISO. I got it from Ninite as I was concerned that getting it from other sources might install extra toolbars etc.

I  chose the option to “Create Image file from disc.”

The next screen shows your Source, which should be your CD/DVD drive. Be careful – if you have previously mounted another ISO file, it might show up here.
Then look at your Destination which is where you want your ISO file be created.
Finally, click on the blue arrow to start the process.


Once you have your ISO files created, if you want to install the program from the ISO, what I found was that my regular Standard account would not work. I had to open up one of my Administrator accounts to install the program from the ISO file. Open the ISO file (double click in Windows 10) from File Explorer and it creates a DVD virtual drive. Then click on the AutoPlay or Setup.exe file to install.

To UnMount or remove the Virtual Drive, hi-lite in File Explorer and under the Manage tab, Manage Tab, you will have an option to Eject – that will remove the Virtual Drive.



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