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Google’s End of Life Policy for Chromebooks

I came across an interesting article by Kim Komando which talked about Google’s End of Life Policy which means that you need to be careful when buying a chromebook. Certain chromebooks could be near their end of life just after … Continue reading

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Amazon – Computer Help at Home

Since I am having trouble with an older home computer, I found a link to Amazon Home Services which has computer repair at home. Here’s what the main screen looks like. You submit your basic information and they get back … Continue reading

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SMS versus Google Authenticator

Steve Gibson on his Security Now episode 571, quoted a government source saying that “SMS is deprecated and will no longer be allowed in future releases…” Steve also mentioned that on Hover they offer SMS or something like Google Authenticator. … Continue reading

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When Thumb Drives Go Bad

I recently had a 16 gb drive that had about 8 different partitions that I couldn’t do anything with. The standard solution of using the Windows 10 tools just did not work. Here is a solution below which got rid … Continue reading

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