Amazon – Computer Help at Home

  1. Since I am having trouble with an older home computer, I found a link to Amazon Home Services which has computer repair at home. Here’s what the main screen looks like. You submit your basic information and they get back to you with repair bids.


I received four replies to do computer repair. Here are the results.

  1. Ovian – “when did you first noticed the desktop wouldn’t boot? Also, do you hear any beeps coming from the machine when you power it on. Please provide the machine model number. Is it connected to a surge protector or not? I can probably come out tonight at 730pm, if ok. “No Reviews of this company.
  2. PC Systems of MO – “Doesn’t start at all? No fan spin? No beep? If so, it might indeed be the power supply. $35 for the power supply and $50 for the installation / travel. Obviously this could be a more serious problem like blown capacitors on the main board but let’s keep a positive thought. Would be happy to get you back up and running. Three positive reviews
  3. Tech2Call – “We can help you with that. $90.00 for labor + parts & materials”
  4. iWebExport – “What is the exact Dell model number and the also the service tag number of the machines?” One positive review.

In conclusion, the Amazon Computer Services might be a service that someone might use, but considering that you can buy a new computer for $549 or less you might be off to try and fix it yourself.


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