Watching Local TV on a Roku – plus more

Notes from Testing – what I’ve observed is that my Roku 3 with wired Ethernet connection has a MUCH better connection and picture. My Streaming Stick with wireless frequently stops working and I get a buffering circle. I can be watching Spectrum TV fine on my Roku 3, but no signal on my Streaming Stick. Another advantage of the Roku 3 is that I can use my headphones and watch regular TV shows without disturbing my wife who is reading.


If you don’t appreciate Charter Spectrum charging you for each cable box in your house, there is another option to get most of those digital channels – Roku!

If you’re a cord cutter, you may still want to check this out as it will allow you to get some TV channels for around $20.00/month.

Gail Pennington gave me this tech tip on how you can use a standard Roku 3 to receive not only local TV channels, but also many other cable channels. You can use other Roku devices, but I prefer the Roku 3 – do your research on what might be right for you. I have also tested the Roku Streaming Stick on my kitchen TV and it only works intermittently. I have remove the Streaming Stick from my kitchen TV.

You first need to download and install the Spectrum app from the Roku store.



Once it is installed, just start it up. It takes a minute to check some things, but then starts fairly quickly.

There are places in my house, like the basement) where it’s difficult to get a TV OTA signal. This is where having a ROKU 3 might help. If you can either run an Ethernet cable to your Roku or if you have a good wifi signal, then you can access all the cable channels you would probably need.

The only negative point I could find is that without a regular TV remote, it takes a bit more scrolling to find the channel you want. The Roku app makes it a bit easier to move around the screen.

After talking to a friend who has cut the cord and does have a Roku, he told me that the Spectrum app does not give him any free TV, but instead they offer him the local channels and one premium channel for around $20.00/month.  He mentioned that he uses as a way to get other channels for around $20/month, but it doesn’t include local major channels.

So the summation is this, if you are paying Charter $6/month for every cable box you have in your house to watch regular TV, the Spectrum app will save you that monthly fee. You will have to buy a Roku for every TV, but that’s a one time expense. I have noticed that the picture is not quite as sharp at times and the audio volume is lower, but overall, it’s acceptable if you use the Roku 3.

Below is a very short clip talking about the new app.





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