OpenDNS for Security Risks

One way to protect yourself and your family on the internet is to make sure you don’t go to compromised sites. is a way to setup your computer or even better your router so that you stay on safe internet websites.

They offer three “Home” solutions.

  1. Family Shield – free
  2. Home – free
  3. Home VIP – costs $20/year

For most people, the Home version is probably the best.
The VIP versions doesn’t seem to offer many benefits for the money other than for young kids. You can lock down a router to specific white-listed sites which will keep young kids out of trouble. You can set your own personal computer to use other websites.

If the kids have their own personal tablet, you can change their personal DNS settings.
Here are instructions on changing an Android tablet.

Here’s a link which compares the different versions.

One of the caveats is that OpenDNS does not protect you nearly enough. A article said that OpenDNS did not protect well from malware URLs and blocked few phishing sites.

OpenDNS does have some instructions on their site depending on what router and devices you own –

Here’s a good video on using


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