Creamy Spaghetti – $300

malware-01-casserole - 600My wife gave me a Tech Support call after she clicked on a Facebook Creamy Spaghetti Casserole recipe. It immediately popped up one of the latest scams. It said that we had a virus and would have to call Microsoft. Luckily she didn’t fall for the scam which would have probably cost around $300.

What’s aggravating to me is that this sort of malware is loaded onto Facebook in the first place and there doesn’t seem to be any monitoring of these type of links. If you do see or find a malicious page/link, please click on the down arrow and report this type of link.


To close the window and get rid of this screen on a Windows computer,  click on the Ctrl-Alt-Delete key combination and go into Task Manager and remove the program which is running.


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