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Password Length Options

Here’s an interesting article on Github about the most common length for passwords. Eight characters is the most common length. Here are some of their recommendations. 8 characters is the most common length. They recommend a length of 12 or … Continue reading

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Netgear AC1750 (R6400)

After three years my old router finally bit the dust and so I had to make a decision on which router to install as a replacement. The Wirecutters upgrade model, the Netgear AC1750 was the router I decided to try. … Continue reading

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Phone Call Problem

Recently on my Moto G phone, I have had a problem when I try to make a phone call. I get a popup that shows the message below. This has only been showing up for the last couple of weeks. … Continue reading

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Plot Multiple Locations on Google Maps

I was recently in charge of a local garden tour and wanted to create a map with the garden locations marked. I found that you can do this in Google Maps, but it’s a bit circuitous. Open Google Drive New … Continue reading

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Phone Problem – Offline – No Network

In the last week, I have had trouble with my Moto G phone when away from home and trying to access the internet. I would get a “Offline -No Network” message. I could make phone calls, but could not use … Continue reading

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Is My Doctor’s Computer Safe?

I posed the question of the safety of one of my doctor’s computer recently to Leo LaPorte and The New Screen Savers show. Here’s what they said. Below is another video where Steve Gibson talks about the safety of usb … Continue reading

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T-Mobile Scam Protection

T-Mobile has recently started some phone scam protection, although I have not seen its benefit. Here is the main page where T-Mobile describes the new features. Scam ID – this theoretically will mark certain phone calls as potential scammer phone … Continue reading

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