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Moving Programs to the Desktop

One thing that used to be easy, but is now hidden away in Windows 10 is moving a program or creating a shortcut to a program and putting it on the desktop. I frequently help people with their Win 10 … Continue reading

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Chromebooks and Kids Accounts

If you have kids, one of the easy ways to control their access on a chromebook is to setup a Supervised Account for them. It has lots of options including the option of white-listing the web sites that they can … Continue reading

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Google – New 2nd Factor

Google recently released a new 2nd factor authentication called Google Prompt. I used to use Google Authenticator as a 2nd factor, but this makes it even easier. Here’s a Know How video on the new feature.

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Scanning Mail Codes

I recently had my blood tested and I mentioned to the person that I had been a letter carrier for 28 years. Immediately the phlebotomist  pulled out a letter she had mailed to pay a credit card bill and asked, … Continue reading

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Parents – Kids and Screen Time

When I was growing up in the 1950’s, one of the topics of discussion was how much time kids spent watching television. Since we only had one TV in the living room, it was relatively easy to monitor and turn … Continue reading

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