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Can’t Open Email in Gmail

I had a friend bring over his computer and his problem was that while he could open Gmail, if you clicked on an email it wouldn’t open. I even tried opening his email on my computer and it would not … Continue reading

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Shodan – Information and Tips

Shodan is a search tool that both white and black hatters use to find vulnerabilities on internet-enabled devices. Wikipedia has lots of great information, so I’m not going to re-hash all the basics. The main question each of us should … Continue reading

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Fake Phone Messages

My wife’s phone recently showed her this message. It appears to be a fake message, similar to what you might get on your computer. They want you to follow their instructions which it appears will install a bitcoin mining program. … Continue reading

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Change Your DNS Server

One security tweak to keep your web browsing more secure is to change your DNS server. DNS is similar to a white pages – you look up a name and find an address. In this case, it turns your web … Continue reading

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VLC – Screen Capture

VLC is the program I use to play video content, but it also has other capabilities. This tutorial shows how you can capture your screen as you work on the computer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work on a chromebook.

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My PC is Infected with Malware!

I got a call yesterday from a friend who had a popup which said that he had malware on his computer. It instructed him to not turn his computer off, but instead to call a 1-800 number. He asked, “Is … Continue reading

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Amazon – Caveat Emptor

Buyer Beware, Caveat Emptor,  is a good motto to remember when purchasing items on Amazon. It used to be that just about everything you bought on Amazon came from Amazon, but these days it seems like many items are being … Continue reading

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