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No More Email Space!

While Google gives each user 15 gb of free space, some times it’s not enough. I had a friend whose emails were bouncing back to the senders. It turns out that she had used all of her 15 gb of … Continue reading

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MMS Won’t Download

When I bought my new Moto G6, everything seemed to work except when people would use the messages app. I could receive text messages, but not pictures and videos – known as MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service. The icon would … Continue reading

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Security Tips

Facebook and Google Tracking While Facebook is getting all the news about all the data it collects from its users, Google does the same and more. One of the ways you can see what data Google is collecting about you … Continue reading

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ASCII versus UNICODE – important

Thanks to Steve Gibson for not only explaining this security exploit, but also giving us solutions. His video is at the bottom. Here’s a quick summation. When you click on a link in your email (Don’t Do It), and it … Continue reading

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Can’t Open Email in Gmail

I had a friend bring over his computer and his problem was that while he could open Gmail, if you clicked on an email it wouldn’t open. I even tried opening his email on my computer and it would not … Continue reading

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Shodan – Information and Tips

Shodan is a search tool that both white and black hatters use to find vulnerabilities on internet-enabled devices. Wikipedia has lots of great information, so I’m not going to re-hash all the basics. The main question each of us should … Continue reading

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Fake Phone Messages

My wife’s phone recently showed her this message. It appears to be a fake message, similar to what you might get on your computer. They want you to follow their instructions which it appears will install a bitcoin mining program. … Continue reading

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