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Phone App Login Problem – Lastpass

I was having login problems with Instagram using Lastpass. For some reason LastPass would not fill in the Login screen. I contacted LastPass support and got this response which fixed the problem. Note – this is for an Android phone. … Continue reading

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Google Calendar in WordPress

One thing I have learned recently is how to add a Google Calendar to a WP site. WordPress has a great tutorial on this, so I’m not going to repeat it, but the process is relatively easy to do. I’d … Continue reading

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FM Radio for Emergencies

With the recent hurricanes, one of the lessons learned is that the cell phone towers will be down and your phone is probably not going to work to make phone calls or text messages. One thing however your phone might … Continue reading

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Filtering Email in Gmail

I recently setup a Shutterfly account and have noticed that they are sending me a new promotion every day. While I like having the option of saving money with Shutterfly, I don’t like all those emails cluttering up my InBox. … Continue reading

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Android Phone Protection

Android Play Protect is a nice security feature that is automatically installed on your android phone. The video explains the process. Below is also another link about this and other features.

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Sharing Your Location with Google Maps

My wife was asking about a app to see my location during the day. As I investigated, I found a number of apps which would accomplish this, but it obviously meant installing another app onto my and her phone. What … Continue reading

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Over 55 – Save $299+

T-Mobile has a great deal for couples over 55. We just went over to the T-Mobile store and saved $299 over the next 12 months. They are now charging $60 (includes charges and taxes) for two lines when you use … Continue reading

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