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Drive Backup – Macrium Reflect

Here are details on using Macrium Reflect as a free drive backup. I used this to create a recovery usb drive and also an image of my Dell laptop. The video below is excellent and provides most of the details. … Continue reading

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Create a Restore Point – NOW!

I recently had one of my computers refuse to allow my keyboard to work. After numerous trials I determined that the keyboard driver was wacky and needed to be fixed. One way I could do that was to do a … Continue reading

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Jungle Disk – Online Backup used by Steve

One of my security mentors mentioned that he used Jungle Disk for online backup. There are a number of pluses for this service. You can use as many computers as you want. Many plans charge you per computer. It only … Continue reading

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Crash Plan – Backup to the Cloud

I’m testing out Crash Plan for a friend who doesn’t do any regular backups. What’s nice is that once CP is installed it works in the background to backup all her files. She just lost a lot of work, so … Continue reading

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Where to Keep Copies of Your Passport-Driver’s License etc.

On many emergency type sites, they recommend keeping copies of your passport, drivers license etc. While paper copies are certainly acceptable, there is another option you can use if you’re careful – online. The question is where online since you want this sensitive … Continue reading

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Problems with SyncToy 2.1 on Windows 8

I recently tried to install SyncToy 2.1, my favorite data backup programs,  on one of my Windows 8 computers – 32 bit. I got an error message that “This setup require the .NET Framework version 2.0.50727. ” I checked and … Continue reading

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Putting Clonezilla Backup on a USB Thumb Drive

One of the few Free options for backing up an entire drive to an image is While you can easily download an ISO file and burn it to a CD, sometimes you don’t have a CD slot and the … Continue reading

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