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MMS Won’t Download

When I bought my new Moto G6, everything seemed to work except when people would use the messages app. I could receive text messages, but not pictures and videos – known as MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service. The icon would … Continue reading

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Free Phone Calls on a Nexus 4 without Cell Coverage

Another way to make free Wifi phone calls on an android phone which doesn’t have cell coverage is this procedure. Install Google Voice from the Play store. Install Groove IP Lite from the Play store. Follow the prompts. Now you … Continue reading

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Wiping Your Phone Before Turning It In

Many phone companies have promotions that allow you to trade-in your old smart phone and give you credit on a new smart phone. The problem is that you don’t want anyone else to have access to have ALL your personal data … Continue reading

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Phone Use in the United Kingdom

We are planning a trip into the United Kingdom and I wanted to avoid the exorbitant phone fees that one can incur if you use your normal cell phone. (Note – I have a friend in France and he was charged $50 … Continue reading

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Personal Communication – Harder than Ever

In the old days, personal communication was fairly simple. Other than speaking to someone in person, we could only call someone on the phone or write them a letter. That’s how most communication was done. Now the way to communicate … Continue reading

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Free Phone Calling and Receiving

I’m glad I’m not in the phone business these days since it’s getting so competitive.  Now you can call people and receive phone calls directly from your computer. I’m not talking about computer to computer, but computer to any type … Continue reading

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Saving Money on Phone Service

It’s amazing to me how some people will spend $200 a month for a fancy cell phone, when there are so many inexpensive options available. Here are a few I use or suggest. Free Google Voice You can forward any … Continue reading

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