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Solution to Blank Sign-In Screen for Google Drive

I was getting a blank popup sign-in screen for Google Drive installed on my laptop. Windows 7. Here are the steps I took to get things working. Open up IE – I had version 10. – Settings – Internet Options. … Continue reading

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Jungle Disk – Online Backup used by Steve

One of my security mentors mentioned that he used Jungle Disk for online backup. There are a number of pluses for this service. You can use as many computers as you want. Many plans charge you per computer. It only … Continue reading

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Sky Drive – Home Contents Backup

I recently saw a video about Joplin’s tornado and it said that people were being offered 50% of their contents insurance unless they could provide a written list of everything in the house. I have about $250,000 contents insurance. That … Continue reading

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Free Backup Online

I thought I might summarize some of your different options on saving files for free in the cloud. Google Drive – 5 gb Free – I create and save most of my documents here. If you use their format, the … Continue reading

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