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Steps to Take Before Giving Your Computer Away

There is a friend of a friend who needs a computer and since I have a spare laptop, I told him I would give it to him. The problem is that it has years of old personal data that I … Continue reading

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Backup Your Drivers Before Reinstallation

If you ever want to format your hard drive and reinstall the operating system or possibly update it to a new version, it’s preferable to have all your hardware drivers together in one place. Ideally you will have a Drivers … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With My Computer? The Router-Modem

A friend of mine was having trouble with his computer and he brought it over to my house for me to test for viruses and do a general update. What I found was that even though this was an older … Continue reading

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What is File SP45123?

The answer to this and similar questions is that there is no way to tell. By default all file extensions are hidden in XP and Windows 7. It’s stupid. Before people start clicking on files, they need to know what … Continue reading

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Getting Your Daily News

Since the daily newspaper is not now in vogue, how then do you get your daily news quotient? One way to do that is through the use of RSS feeds and Google Alerts. This video below by Wartex8 explains the … Continue reading

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Getting Computer Help via

Trying to describe what you’re seeing on a computer screen can be maddening as you verbally try to describe what you see on the screen. ShowMeWhatsWrong gives you a fairly easy way to capture a short video of your screen … Continue reading

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Make Websites More Readable

Looking at the latest Time magazine article on jobless claims, one of my main irritations is that only 13% of the page has anything to do with the actual article. The rest is unrelated junk. One way I’ve found to … Continue reading

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