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No More Email Space!

While Google gives each user 15 gb of free space, some times it’s not enough. I had a friend whose emails were bouncing back to the senders. It turns out that she had used all of her 15 gb of … Continue reading

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Google – New 2nd Factor

Google recently released a new 2nd factor authentication called Google Prompt. I used to use Google Authenticator as a 2nd factor, but this makes it even easier. Here’s a Know How video on the new feature.

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Plot Multiple Locations on Google Maps

I was recently in charge of a local garden tour and wanted to create a map with the garden locations marked. I found that you can do this in Google Maps, but it’s a bit circuitous. Open Google Drive New … Continue reading

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Google Security Checkup

One thing you should do on a yearly basis is to do a Google Security Checkup. It’s a process that Google will walk you through to make sure you are as secure as possible. Here’s the link:

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Google Photos – Pros and Cons

Google Photos (GP) has an option to upload all your photos to their cloud account and they give you two options. Option #1 is to upload them in their full resolution, but they count against your 15 gb free limit. … Continue reading

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If you’d like to see how much information that Google is capturing on your online activities type this into your chrome browser,com You will get this screen below. While this says that only you can look at this information, … Continue reading

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Google Drive – Files Missing?

This morning I had the scary realization that 90% of my files were missing in Google Drive. I checked two computers and the results were the same. After a one hour call to Google, I got a partial fix and … Continue reading

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