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Free Web Graphics from Getty Images

Getty Images now allows web bloggers to use their graphics with an embed link. Not all pictures are allowed, but many are.  Here’s the page which describes this new option. Below is an example of how the pictures will … Continue reading

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Display Driver Stopped Working – Nvidia-N220-Solution

One would think that a Dell desktop Studio XPS with 8 GB of Ram, i7 chip and 2 T of drives would not have any trouble working with Windows 7 programs – WRONG! My screen frequently goes black and I … Continue reading

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Image Resizer for Windows 7

One utility which I’ve missed for a while, because I had it in Windows XP  is an easy Image Resizer. Thanks to Paul Thurrott for recommending Image Resizer. After installation, you right click on an image and then get the … Continue reading

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Can’t Afford Photoshop? Try GIMP

While Photoshop is the choice of professionals for graphic manipulation, there’s another option for the rest of the nation – GIMP. GIMP is very similar to Photoshop and will probably do most of everything you need and want to do. … Continue reading

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Free Graphics

While there are many sites where you can buy graphics, photos and even video for your next power point or video project, Flickr is also a good resource to use. Flickr’s Creative Commons Licensing allows you to use other photos … Continue reading

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Print Screen – the Easy Way

It’s amazing how many times I use the Print Screen function to make a posting and it is a bit of a hastle. Hold down the Fn key, press the Prt Screen key. Then open up Photoshop, new document, paste … Continue reading

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Capture Full Page of a Website

Many websites have very long scrolling pages. If you’d like to capture the entire page as a jpg file, try While this is cool thing to do, I’m not quite sure what I’d use it for? Any Ideas?

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