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Hard Drive to SSD

I want to exchange my laptop hard drive (Dell 17r-7720) ¬†for a SSD so I’m documenting the steps I am taking. The software I am using is Macrium Reflect. They offer a free version which is what I am using. … Continue reading

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USB 2/3 – Speed Tests – Hard Drives versus Thumb Drives

I was moving a larger folder, 5.48 gb, to a hard drive and decided to do some speed tests. Which is faster – a hard drive or a thumb drive? I got very mixed results. Here’s my summary right up … Continue reading

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Setting Up Large Hard Drives Over 2 TB

If you’re planning on buying a very large hard drive – over 2 TB, there are some problems which arise. Most systems only support up to 2 TB of drive space, but there is a work-around if you are using … Continue reading

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Which Hard Drives to Buy?

Backblaze has shared reliability reports from the thousands of hard drives that it uses and it’s results are #1 Hitachi, #2 Western Digital and #3 Seagate. As you can see from the prices on Amazon, Hitachi prices are almost 50% … Continue reading

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Google Drive – Offline

Since I’m using Google Drive for most of my documents, it’s disconcerting when I don’t have internet access and thus no access to my Google Docs. One partial solution is to put Google Drive onto your computer and enable Offline … Continue reading

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How to Change the Letter of a Drive

I use SyncToy on a regular basis to backup data. Today when I plugged in my backup drive, it was given a different drive letter than what SyncToy was expecting. I had two choices at that point I could reconfigure … Continue reading

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SpinRite Hard Drive Recovery

If you ever have a hard drive start to act crazy or even die and you want to save the data on it, SpinRite is a good option to try. Here are a few notes on this program. If you … Continue reading

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