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GPodder – Alternative to iTunes for Podcasts

                          I like to listen to Podcasts outside while I garden. I have used iTunes in the past to download podcasts, but I was looking for an easier … Continue reading

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Alternative to iTunes – CopyTrans Manager

I’m testing the Android world with my Nexus 7, but still have an iTouch and so I was looking for an easy way to move my videos and pictures to the iTouch without having to install iTunes on all my … Continue reading

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Hotspot Shield – Protection for your iPad/iPhone/iTouch for 99 cents per month

If you use WiFi at your local Starbucks or McDonalds, you probably know that the connection is not secure and just about anyone with the right software can grab your passwords etc. The HotSpot Shield App is a way to … Continue reading

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Find Your iPhone

Seems like some of my friends have lost their iPhones recently and that many don’t even use a Password. Here’s a good article on how to find you lost iPhone and lock it down until you retrieve it. You’ll need … Continue reading

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The Sansa Clip is a great little mp3 player that has worked great until my main computer died. My extra computer now became my new computer, but when I plugged my Sansa Clip into it, it would not bring up … Continue reading

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Rip MP3s with iTunes

You can have iTunes rip your CD collection into mp3s instead of their AAC format with just a few mouse clicks. Here’s the procedure. Edit – Preferences – Import Settings – Import Using – change this to MP3 Encoder.

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How to Backup Your iTunes Library

I’ve found through personal experience that theĀ  iTunes library can get corrupted and lose all it’s information – that’s a bummer. I’ve found that what I need to do is backup the library as part of my normal weekly backup. … Continue reading

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