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Chromebooks and Kids Accounts

If you have kids, one of the easy ways to control their access on a chromebook is to setup a Supervised Account for them. It has lots of options including the option of white-listing the web sites that they can … Continue reading

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Parents – Kids and Screen Time

When I was growing up in the 1950’s, one of the topics of discussion was how much time kids spent watching television. Since we only had one TV in the living room, it was relatively easy to monitor and turn … Continue reading

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Kid Accounts on Google

Google has a new app that allows you to setup a device for your kid and tightly control it so that he/she has a limited area to discover. Here is a good description of the service and what it entails.

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OpenDNS for Security Risks

One way to protect yourself and your family on the internet is to make sure you don’t go to compromised sites. is a way to setup your computer or even better your router so that you stay on safe … Continue reading

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Kids and Credit Card Charges on the Internet.

How-to Geek has a great article on how to close down the possible credit card charges which may occur when your child uses a device with internet access. Here’s the link. How to Prevent Your Kids From Spending Thousands of … Continue reading

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Parents be Careful of Your Kids Games – Tap Fish

I just saw how FREE games on the iPad can end up costing you big bucks. Parents beware. Check out the John Stewart story below. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Tap Fish Dealer … Continue reading

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Got Kids? – How to Keep them Safe

Here are a few suggestions to keep your kids safe on the home internet – thanks to Patrick and Roger. 5 Steps to a Family-Safe Internet Use OpenDNS¬† Windows Live Family Safety 2011 —————————————————- DNS Thingy –¬† This only works … Continue reading

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