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Sharing Your Location with Google Maps

My wife was asking about a app to see my location during the day. As I investigated, I found a number of apps which would accomplish this, but it obviously meant installing another app onto my and her phone. What … Continue reading

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Voting Online

I’m doing some research on voting online and will use this page to do some testing. This is the voting link from This is the Results link. It does allow you to only allow one vote per … Continue reading

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Phone Call Problem

Recently on my Moto G phone, I have had a problem when I try to make a phone call. I get a popup that shows the message below. This has only been showing up for the last couple of weeks. … Continue reading

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Email to Google Calendar

Steve Dotto shared this easy tip on how to take a date/event that is sent to you in Gmail and easily move it into Google Calendar. The quick way is to click on the More tab in Gmail and then … Continue reading

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Dropbox Tips

Here are the basics for sharing files via with a friend. You first need to upload a file to your Dropbox account. They give you 2 gb of space on the free accounts. For files that you are sharing, … Continue reading

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Yahoo Email – Keep/Delete/Scrub

If you have a Yahoo email account, you may be tempted to dump it and move to Gmail or some other email option. Here are some reasons why you might want to leave Yahoo. Yahoo has been ┬áhiding email hacks … Continue reading

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Casting to a Roku

While the Roku has a YouTube app, it’s not easy to navigate to the videos you would like to watch. One of the neat things you can do with your Roku is to have it work like a Chromecast device. … Continue reading

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