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Finding Space on an Android Phone

Files Go is a new Google app which will help you find space on your android phone. It can also make it easy to transfer files from one android phone to another. One interesting thing I noticed that it offers … Continue reading

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Free Up Space on Your Phone

One of the things I hear from many people is that they don’t have any space left on their phone. They are taking so many pictures and videos that the phone is full. One way around this is to use … Continue reading

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Android Phone Protection

Android Play Protect is a nice security feature that is automatically installed on your android phone. The video explains the process. Below is also another link about this and other features.

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Over 55 – Save $299+

T-Mobile has a great deal for couples over 55. We just went over to the T-Mobile store and saved $299 over the next 12 months. They are now charging $60 (includes charges and taxes) for two lines when you use … Continue reading

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Phone Problem – Offline – No Network

In the last week, I have had trouble with my Moto G phone when away from home and trying to access the internet. I would get a “Offline -No Network” message. I could make phone calls, but could not use … Continue reading

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T-Mobile Scam Protection

T-Mobile has recently started some phone scam protection, although I have not seen its benefit. Here is the main page where T-Mobile describes the new features. Scam ID – this theoretically will mark certain phone calls as potential scammer phone … Continue reading

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Internet HotSpot on Your Phone

One of the great features on the newer phones is that they can be setup as a mobile internet access hotspot. While it’s a bit different on each phone and operating system, the basics are the same. On Android Lollipop, … Continue reading

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