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Photoshop CS6 Notes

Since this is the version of Photoshop I have, I going to put my tips onto this page. Batch Resize Photos If you have a number of large photos that you want to make smaller, here’s how to do it. … Continue reading

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Pixlr – Photoshop Cheap Replacement

If you’d like to use Photoshop, but don’t have the money, here’s an option which is a pretty good replacement. Pixlr is a flash based replacement which has many of the functions of PS, but is free, or does have … Continue reading

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Running Photoshop in Linux Mint

Since I’ve been a Photoshop user for twenty years, I naturally wanted to use it when I installed Linux Mint. I used the Photoshop 7 version in my installation. I found it to be very easy to do. Here are … Continue reading

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Photoshop – Making It Easier to View

While I appreciate having my HD display on my laptop, when it comes to using many of the Adobe products including Photoshop, the fonts and icons are very small.  I’m testing out a couple of suggestions to make everything a … Continue reading

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DPI – Dots Per Inch – Doesn’t Matter

One of the things which I’ve just recently learned is that for the internet, DPI or dots per inch, doesn’t matter. If you look at the pictures below they are all 640 x 480 pixels wide, but have different dpi. … Continue reading

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Trouble with Adobe Activation

As a user of Adobe products for over ten years, it’s a bit aggravating when they stop supporting some of their older products. I recently tried to de-activate my Adobe Audition 3 and it gave the the message that “activation … Continue reading

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Color Correcting Many Photos at Once – Adobe Bridge-Camera Raw

I just took 165 pictures of a kids party and need to adjust them all for white balance and color. It would take forever to do that one by one. Here’s how to do it with Adobe Bridge and Camera … Continue reading

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