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Power Point Tips for Later Video

I’m helping a friend turn a Power Point presentation into a video and have learned a few things to do in the future to make this easier in the future. Speaker – don’t move around. Make it easy for the … Continue reading

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Viewing Speaker Notes When Presenting

Usually in PowerPoint what the audience sees, is what the speaker sees also. There is a way however for the speaker to view his notes, while the audience is looking a the pretty picture on the screen. Here’s how to … Continue reading

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Top Ten Basic Photo Tips for Blogs and Power Point

These days, even inexpensive cameras can take great pictures, but I frequently see pictures on a blog or power point which could really use some help. Here are my top ten tips to taking the best picture possible and then … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office – Free Online Version

I recently learned that Microsoft is offering their basic Office suite available online for free. You first have to setup a free SkyDrive Account if you haven’t already done that. They give you 7 gb for free. Once you setup … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Laptop from Going to Sleep

I was at a recent presentation where just after the speaker was introduced, his laptop went into “sleep” mode. It took the presenter a couple of minutes to get the laptop going again and it certainly interrupted the beginning of … Continue reading

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Putting Power Point on a USB Thumb Drive

Recently I had a friend who brought her Power Point show to a meeting and while the show played fine, the audio which was part of the show did not play. I also recently had a show that needed video … Continue reading

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Microsoft PowerPoint Has Stopped Working – Fixed with a Restore Point

I opened up a PowerPoint slide show recently on my laptop, tried to do a “Save As” and received the above two messages. Since I was using Power Point 2010 I tried to “Convert” my ppt to a pptx file … Continue reading

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