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Chromebook Printing HL-L2360DW

I recently bought a new printer, Brother HL-L2360DW,  to be used strictly for one of my Chromebooks. Getting it to print on my own was a effort in frustration, but the solution was as simple as calling Brother Printing and … Continue reading

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Get Gmail to Print Correctly

One of the aggravations I have with Gmail is that when you want to print an email, many times you don’t get the entire email to fit on the page. Many times entire sections of the email is missing. Control … Continue reading

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Printing Trick with Google Chrome

What is baffling is that sometimes when I print, Ctrl P, Chrome hides a secondary popup screen underneath my main screen. I only know it’s there because I see a secondary Print- Google Chrome message on my Taskbar. That the … Continue reading

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Control Printing of Web Pages

If you’ve ever wanted to print just a small part of a website and not all the pictures and advertising, here’s a site which will make that happen. It’s fairly easy to figure out and allows you to take … Continue reading

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