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Doxie One versus Doxie Go

Since I have had a pile of hundreds of old pictures sitting around for years, I decided to try out a Doxie One Scanner. The advantage of this scanner is that it is used separately from a computer. You simply … Continue reading

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Blue Yeti Microphone Review

I was looking for a good all-purpose USB microphone and thought that the Blue Yeti USB microphone seemed like it might work well as it has some good reviews online. At $100, it’s double the price of some other microphones, … Continue reading

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Pixlr – Photoshop Cheap Replacement

If you’d like to use Photoshop, but don’t have the money, here’s an option which is a pretty good replacement. Pixlr is a flash based replacement which has many of the functions of PS, but is free, or does have … Continue reading

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HooToo Tripmate Nano Review

Since I’m primarily going to use this device when I travel, that’s the functionality that I’m testing. They call this Bridge Mode. Security is hard enough when I’m at home, so I’m hoping this device will a measure of security … Continue reading

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TurboTax Backing Down

Having been a loyal TurboTax user for many years, I was surprised that this year they decided to give you fewer forms for the same product and wanted you to pay more for the forms they took away. Luckily they … Continue reading

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USB 2/3 – Speed Tests – Hard Drives versus Thumb Drives

I was moving a larger folder, 5.48 gb, to a hard drive and decided to do some speed tests. Which is faster – a hard drive or a thumb drive? I got very mixed results. Here’s my summary right up … Continue reading

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GetPocket – Remember Sites You Visit

While there are lots of ways to remember sites you visit, GetPocket is one I use on a regular basis. It’s as easy as clicking on an icon, typing a word to put it into a folder and that’s it. … Continue reading

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