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What Would You Do?

My wife just got this email from “PayPal” indicating that her account was locked and she had to click on a link to unlock her account and verify ownership. What would your do? Unfortunately, many people would just click on … Continue reading

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Email Links Security

One of the main tenets of security is to never click on email links. That’s one of the main way that computers can be compromised with malware. Even if the email is from a friend or trusted site, you just … Continue reading

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Google – New 2nd Factor

Google recently released a new 2nd factor authentication called Google Prompt. I used to use Google Authenticator as a 2nd factor, but this makes it even easier. Here’s a Know How video on the new feature.

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FM Radio for Emergencies

With the recent hurricanes, one of the lessons learned is that the cell phone towers will be down and your phone is probably not going to work to make phone calls or text messages. One thing however your phone might … Continue reading

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Android Phone Protection

Android Play Protect is a nice security feature that is automatically installed on your android phone. The video explains the process. Below is also another link about this and other features.

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Password Length Options

Here’s an interesting article on Github about the most common length for passwords. Eight characters is the most common length. Here are some of their recommendations. 8 characters is the most common length. They recommend a length of 12 or … Continue reading

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Is My Doctor’s Computer Safe?

I posed the question of the safety of one of my doctor’s computer recently to Leo LaPorte and The New Screen Savers show. Here’s what they said. Below is another video where Steve Gibson talks about the safety of usb … Continue reading

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