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Password Length Options

Here’s an interesting article on Github about the most common length for passwords. Eight characters is the most common length. Here are some of their recommendations. 8 characters is the most common length. They recommend a length of 12 or … Continue reading

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Is My Doctor’s Computer Safe?

I posed the question of the safety of one of my doctor’s computer recently to Leo LaPorte and The New Screen Savers show. Here’s what they said. Below is another video where Steve Gibson talks about the safety of usb … Continue reading

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T-Mobile Scam Protection

T-Mobile has recently started some phone scam protection, although I have not seen its benefit. Here is the main page where T-Mobile describes the new features. Scam ID – this theoretically will mark certain phone calls as potential scammer phone … Continue reading

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Creamy Spaghetti – $300

My wife gave me a Tech Support call after she clicked on a Facebook Creamy Spaghetti Casserole recipe. It immediately popped up one of the latest scams. It said that we had a virus and would have to call Microsoft. … Continue reading

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Google Security Checkup

One thing you should do on a yearly basis is to do a Google Security Checkup. It’s a process that Google will walk you through to make sure you are as secure as possible. Here’s the link:

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Chrome Form Fill Bug

Security Now showed a easy way for a hacker or even plain websites to find out all sorts of information about you using the Form Fill function built into Chrome. Websites can put up a Form Page, but put the … Continue reading

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OpenDNS for Security Risks

One way to protect yourself and your family on the internet is to make sure you don’t go to compromised sites. is a way to setup your computer or even better your router so that you stay on safe … Continue reading

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