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Skype Phone Adventures

I’ve been looking for another inexpensive way to make phone calls as I close in on my 1000 minute plan. I believe I pay an extra 20 cents a minute for overages, so it can be expensive. I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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Personal Communication – Harder than Ever

In the old days, personal communication was fairly simple. Other than speaking to someone in person, we could only call someone on the phone or write them a letter. That’s how most communication was done. Now the way to communicate … Continue reading

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Skype – Watch the Installation

Since I’ve had trouble with Skype in the past, I was hesitant to try a new version on my newish computer, but since my brother wanted to try it out, I said ok. I did two backups via two different … Continue reading

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Saving Money on Phone Service

It’s amazing to me how some people will spend $200 a month for a fancy cell phone, when there are so many inexpensive options available. Here are a few I use or suggest. Free Google Voice You can forward any … Continue reading

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Skype Kills Gmail

After installing the latest Skype I noticed that whenever I went to Gmail and my Contacts, Firefox would crash and die.  I first blamed Firefox and changed versions, but no matter what I did Gmail kept causing Firefox to die. … Continue reading

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