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Remote Support for Free – Team Viewer

One of my tech-gurus, Robert Heron, mentioned that he used Team Viewer as a way to give tech support for his mom. You could also use it to remotely access your home computer if you were away. It is free … Continue reading

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Control Four Computers from One Screen

While I’m not sure if I will actually use this product, what it does is very interesting. It allows you to control and see up to four computers which are hooked up to your network. The product that you use … Continue reading

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Xmarks – How to Fix It

Xmarks theoretically is a great way to have all your bookmarks available to you on any computer. In practice however it frequently, daily lately, acts up and duplicates bookmarks  so that my list keeps growing. Here’s how to fix that problem – … Continue reading

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Dropbox Setup and Use

I had a family member recently sent me a link to see some pictures on Dropbox. The bad thing was that they require you to join Dropbox to see the pictures. I decided to go ahead and do that and … Continue reading

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Audacity – Free Audio Editor

Audacity 2.01 is the latest free version of an audio editor. I’m using this page to keep notes for future reference. Selection – click and drag with mouse or Click on screen to mark your place – let the … Continue reading

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LastPass – Secure Notes

While I use LastPass as a way to keep track of all my passwords, it has another feature which might be very helpful. Secure Notes allows you to keep all sorts of sensitive information encrypted and available to you anywhere. … Continue reading

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SkyDrive – Upgrade to 25 GB

                Just found out via Paul Thurrott that SkyDrive is changing their storage limit to 7 GB – down from 25 GB. They are allowing previous customers to upgrade back up to 25 … Continue reading

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