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Google Storage Gets Cheaper

Since I use Google Drive for most of my documents these days it was good to learn that their storage prices have gone down. Here’s the link. Here’s the basics. 15 gb – Free 100 gb – $1.99/mo. 1 tb … Continue reading

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Cloning-Imaging Thumb Drives

I’ve recently installed Windows 8 on a thumb drive and I was looking for a way to backup that thumb drive so that it’s not my only source for Windows 8. Here’s one way to do just that. ImageUSB – … Continue reading

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Google Drive – I’ve Got my 5 GB

I just got my invitation for my 5GB of space of Google Drive. It appears that they initially import over all your google docs files and folders. The only question I have is – Why would I want to install … Continue reading

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Amazon Cloud Drive – Another 5GB for Free

I just noticed that Amazon has given me 5 GB of storage in their cloud drive. It seems to work similar to google docs, but not google drive. You don’t have to install anything. Unfortunately, I don’t see anywhere to … Continue reading

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Google Drive – 5 GB for Free

Drive. is finally up and running, but still not ready for business. Click on the “Notify Me” link to have an email sent to you when it’s available. They give you 5 GB of space for free. An extra … Continue reading

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SkyDrive – Upgrade to 25 GB

                Just found out via Paul Thurrott that SkyDrive is changing their storage limit to 7 GB – down from 25 GB. They are allowing previous customers to upgrade back up to 25 … Continue reading

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Western Digital – Get Your Act Together

Do you own one of those small external hard drives from Western Digital? They are great for storing large amounts of data in a small space and only need a USB port for power. The problem however comes when you … Continue reading

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