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Tivo – How to Add a RSS Feed

I wanted to watch a new internet show, TekThing, on my Tivo and finally came up with a solution. Signin to click – Find Shows click – Find TV shows In the left hand column choose Web Videos Now … Continue reading

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OTA Tuner and PVR – iView 3500STBII

If you want to cut the cord and get rid of your cable TV bill – here is a good option. Instead of buying the $200 digital TV solution that an expert in the field recommended, I thought I’d give … Continue reading

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No Amazon Prime on Tivo?

I’ve been wondering why Tivo would have an Amazon Instant Video app, but didn’t have a link for Amazon Prime videos? The answer is in the chart below. You have to have a 2014 Tivo model or later.  Here’s the … Continue reading

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DVR for Cable Cutters

Option #2 – DVR+ Here’s a review by Robert Heron on this newer DVR. While it has a few caveats on Amazon reviews, it sounds like it might work.  Note – it’s on sale on Monday for $175. Here’s … Continue reading

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Tivo Desktop Transfer Failed?

I like to transfer my Tivo videos to my computer for watching, but lately I’ve had no success with the transfer. After doing a little investigation I found out why. Tivo has a software bug that doesn’t allow any transfers … Continue reading

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Tivo – Add Your Own Shows

While Tivo does have a plethora of shows to watch I found a web podcast recently that was not listed.  I did find a way to add it to my Tivo shows list. You first need to know the RSS … Continue reading

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Charter Communications – Great Service and Price

Every year I have to call Charter Communications to update my TV and Internet package and try to get the best deal available.  This year I had a great experience – two days in a row. I first talked to … Continue reading

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