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Fix USB Ports not Recognizing Drives

This is a problem I have off and on with some of my Windows 10 computers. If you follow this tutorial, hopefully it will solve these problems. Thanks to Britec for this solution. Advertisements

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Amazon – Computer Help at Home

Since I am having trouble with an older home computer, I found a link to Amazon Home Services which has computer repair at home. Here’s what the main screen looks like. You submit your basic information and they get back … Continue reading

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Driver Backup and Restore

If you ever want to format a drive and reinstall the operating system, you may run into the problem of not having the drivers for the computer. Here’s a solution to first backup the drivers from the computer and then … Continue reading

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Reset Windows 10 – DANGEROUS!

I was having trouble on my main laptop where I had exchanged a SSD for my hard drive. The computer would not go to sleep and even when powering down, I go an error when restarting. I decided to do … Continue reading

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Start Menu or Search Menu Not Working

I’m working on a friends Windows 10 computer and after adding a couple of Administrator accounts, I noticed that the Start button and Search buttons don’t work in the new accounts. Here is a possible solution. It has a number … Continue reading

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Is It Them or Is it Me?

I’ve had two situations recently where you might assume that something is wrong with your computer, but in reality it’s the website on the other end. In one case, we got an error message when trying to look at a … Continue reading

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Windows Updates- When Updates Don’t Update

A friend’s computer had the unusual problem of trying to do 16 windows updates, but never succeeding. I would always get the message that it had to Revert the Changes. One of the suggested solutions was to click a Microsoft Fixit button. Microsoft Fixit found … Continue reading

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