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MovieMaker Time-Line View is Back

Microsoft has allowed users to install the “old” MovieMaker onto their newer Win 7 computers. The advantage is that it still has the Timeline view, which allows you to add a voiceover to your pictures and sync the pictures to … Continue reading

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Link to a Specific Time in a YouTube Video

YouTube videos now have an easy way for you to link to a specific time. Move the video to the point where you want it to stop and then right click on the video. It will now give you the … Continue reading

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Windows Movie Maker Live Essentials Beta

Having just installed and tried the new Movie Maker beta for Windows 7, It seems to have some great pluses, but also minuses. Here’s my take. It easily works with my new 720P files from my new Canon camera. Youtube … Continue reading

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Your Passwords – Are they Secure?

If you’re like me, your list of website passwords is growing to look like a small dictionary. Most security experts tell you to not have the same password for all your sites, so the bad guys don’t have access to … Continue reading

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Rip MP3s with iTunes

You can have iTunes rip your CD collection into mp3s instead of their AAC format with just a few mouse clicks. Here’s the procedure. Edit – Preferences – Import Settings – Import Using – change this to MP3 Encoder.

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Western Digital – Get Your Act Together

Do you own one of those small external hard drives from Western Digital? They are great for storing large amounts of data in a small space and only need a USB port for power. The problem however comes when you … Continue reading

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Download YouTube Video

KEEPVID.COM Here’s another nice site which allows you to easily download Youtube Video. It even gives you the option of getting the higher quality version.

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