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How Fast is Your Internet?

It’s always good to know how fast your internet connection is before you start trying to diagnose problems. Here are a few speed tests I use. My speeds are 34 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up which are not the … Continue reading

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Moving Old Program CDs to ISO files

I have a number of old programs that are still useful, but are on CDs. One way to keep them, but get rid of the CDs is to burn an Image ISO file. I used the ImgBurn program to create … Continue reading

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Capture the Screen with the Snipping Tool

While this tool has been around for a while, I am just recently using it and enjoying its simplicity. It’s included with most Windows systems, so just do a Search for it and then put it on your Toolbar. When … Continue reading

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Phone Lost? Android Device Manager

If you have an Android phone/device, one of the easy ways to find it is to install Android Device Manager from the Google Play store, run it and then it gives you three options as seen below – Ring – … Continue reading

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How to Create a List of Files in a Folder

If you need to create a list of files in a particular folder/directory, here’s an easy way to do it within Windows. In Windows Explorer, move to the folder holding the files. Holding down the Shift key, do a right … Continue reading

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Is It Them or Is it Me?

I’ve had two situations recently where you might assume that something is wrong with your computer, but in reality it’s the website on the other end. In one case, we got an error message when trying to look at a … Continue reading

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Bitly Shortcuts – How To

If you ever want to send a web link/URL to a friend, many times they are very very long and wrap around in your email. A way around this problem is to create a shortcut to that specific link. … Continue reading

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