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Windows XP – Time for a New Computer

In the past two months I have helped friends upgrade to new computers. They didn’t need anything fancy – just an i3 processor. One of the things I noticed was that both friends still had Windows XP running. My new … Continue reading

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Install Windows 8 on a Windows XP Computer

Having a older, but trustworthy Windows XP desktop, I wondered if I could add on Windows 8 to it and update it. I didn’t want to get rid of my Windows XP, I just wanted to install Windows 8 in … Continue reading

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What To Do With an Old XP Computer

I’ve got a friend of mine who has an eight year old laptop that his son used in high school. It was one given to him by the school and thus he doesn’t have any restore disks or any Windows … Continue reading

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Windows 7 – Recovery/Restore Points

One way to protect yourself from a wonky computer is to backup critical files on a regular basis. Win 7 has a way to do that automatically and in the background.  You’ll find it under System Properties – System Protection … Continue reading

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End of Support for Windows XP

For all of us XP users it looks like we still have about three years of support for our Windows XP SP3 machines. April 8, 2014 is the end of Extended Support and when we may want to sideline our … Continue reading

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Moving Files Between Computers

I have two computers I use on a daily basis. The desktop I use early in the morning and I use the laptop later in the day laying on the couch. It’s aggravating when I have one file upstairs on … Continue reading

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Print Folder Directory

If you ever have the need to print the contents of a folder, there’s not an obvious  way to do it in Windows. Here’s a solution. Select all the files, press and hold the shift key, then right-click and select Copy … Continue reading

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