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Google Calendar in WordPress

One thing I have learned recently is how to add a Google Calendar to a WP site. WordPress has a great tutorial on this, so I’m not going to repeat it, but the process is relatively easy to do. I’d … Continue reading

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Social Media Posting Options

The Social Media scene is one which is ever changing. You now have numerous and ever-changing options to make your posts. If you tried to post to each site separately, you’d be spending hours each day duplicating your work. Here … Continue reading

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Blogs for Schools

I came across this site recently and thought it might benefit schools, teachers and students.  The advantage is that is has no advertising. There are free and paid versions.  It looks exactly like, but there may be some differences … Continue reading

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Create a WordPress Account without a Blog

You can create a WordPress account without a blog, but it’s hidden away. Below is the link you need to create the account. You will be sent a confirmation email also. After you create the account you can post on … Continue reading

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Feed Informer – adding news and feeds to your website

One of my goals as a publisher of content on the web is to publish it once and have it appear automatically as many places as possible. While WordPress does have a Publicize function which allows you to put your … Continue reading

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WordPress – Spam

While I get very little spam in my WP blogs, I just had a friend indicate that he was getting lots. I did a little research into this area and here is what I found and what the problem might … Continue reading

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WordPress – Classic versus New Editor

WordPress has changed it’s default posting editor to a new type which they call “Improved.” I call it less efficient. There’s a graphic at the bottom to show you how the two look different. The new mode has a cleaner … Continue reading

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