Turn Off Audio in Automatic Videos

sound-mutedOne of my irritations using Chrome on web sites is when you click on a link. It takes you to a site where the video and audio start playing automatically. I then have to go to the video and turn it off. I and then read the article in peace.

Chrome has a partial fix for this behavior. You can now mute certain websites under the Sound controls.

The easiest way to do this when a site starts and automatically starts playing a video, follow these steps.


  • Click on the green Site Information. This is right next to the padlock near the top of the page.
  • It then shows the basic information.
  • Click on Site Settings
  • Scroll down to Sounds
  • You can now Block the site from automatically playing the audio.

You can also do this under Settings – search for Sound.
It’s not quite as simple as the above setup.


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Acer Spin 5 Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop

spin5-600I decided to buy this laptop as a replacement for my aging HTPC that struggled to use Skype.

Here are some of the Positive Features.

  • LOTS of ports for  connections – Standard SD card slot, 1-USB-2, headphone jack, 2 USB-3, 1-USB-C, 1 standard HDMI.
  • 256 gb SSD
  • 8 gm ram
  • 1080p screen – which I can read! For some reason the browser tabs are larger and easier to read – even at this higher resolution.
  • Backlit screen
  • 4 year warranty with Costco.
  • Intel i5 processor.
  • 13.3 inch touch display
  • Folds back for tablet mode.
  • It has a stylus
  • It also has a fingerprint reader.
  • Price – $600


  • In sleep mode, you have to touch the power button to start it up.
  • No Ethernet Connection.
  • This has a standard power connector – you cannot charge via USB-C. Don’t lose this power adapter
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Battery Management

Here are some guidelines to keep your batteries in tip top shape.

Other Battery Articles

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How to Update Your Netgear Router


Do you have five minutes? That’s literally all the time it takes to update your router.

If you are concerned with security on your computer, you need to keep your router updated on a regular basis.

What I like about the Netgear R6400 router is that it sends me an email when there is a new update available. This is probably not true of cheaper $25 routers. While you can buy cheaper routers, this particular router has GREAT wifi coverage in my house and it also sends me firmware updates via email. It’s worth the extra money.

If you haven’t got any emails from your router manufacturers or it doesn’t have any updates, then it’s time to get a better router. Even though your old router might work, it is still a security risk.

Here are the basic steps.

  • You need to use a computer which is plugged into your network via an ethernet connection.
  • In the browser bar, type in routerlogin.net
  • Enter your user name and password. Hopefully you have changed the default password. 
  • You will see a tab which says, “A router firmware upgrade is available.”
  • Click on the tab and follow the instructions.
  • Literally – 4 minutes later, your router will be finished updating.

Below is a video which shows you the process.




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Last Day to Upgrade to Windows 10

If you have forgotten or just not taken the time to upgrade to Windows 10, TODAY, January 16th, is the last day that you can get the upgrade for free.

It is supposedly only for people who might use assistive technologies, but there is no real restriction.

Here’s the link for the upgrade.

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Finding Space on an Android Phone

Files-Go-400 - EditedFiles Go is a new Google app which will help you find space on your android phone. It can also make it easy to transfer files from one android phone to another.

One interesting thing I noticed that it offers to move your pictures from your phone to your SD card – if you have one installed. I also use Google Photos which also will Free Up Space on your phone, but it deletes the files.

Below is the video which talks about the specifics.

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Anti-Virus Software Problems

If you use 3rd party anti-virus software, you may be unable to receive Microsoft security updates. Steve Gibson explains the details below.

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