Chromebooks and Kids Accounts

If you have kids, one of the easy ways to control their access on a chromebook is to setup a Supervised Account for them.

It has lots of options including the option of white-listing the web sites that they can visit.

Note – unfortunately on Youtube there seem to be a lot of videos on how to get around these type of restrictions. A better way may be to block or whitelist sites on your router.
Here’s a video on the process to setup supervised chromebook accounts.

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Google – New 2nd Factor

Google recently released a new 2nd factor authentication called Google Prompt. I used to use Google Authenticator as a 2nd factor, but this makes it even easier.

Here’s a Know How video on the new feature.

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Scanning Mail Codes

mail-barcode-scannerI recently had my blood tested and I mentioned to the person that I had been a letter carrier for 28 years.

Immediately the phlebotomist  pulled out a letter she had mailed to pay a credit card bill and asked, “Why did the Post Office return this letter to me?”

I gave her my standard answer that the letter had been scanned by a computer or a person and they put the bar code on the bottom of the letter. What appears to have happened was that the computer/person had read the return address instead of the address to the credit card company.

Once that bar code is in place, even if it is incorrect, the mail will probably be automatically sorted by another machine. They put those letters in a tray which the carrier just grabs on the way out and puts it in their truck. The carrier may then deliver it, as if it is addressed to you.

Note – good carriers will see the problem, cross out the bad bar code and then put the letter back into the mail stream.

mail-barcode-scannerWhat I did find in the Google Play Store was IMBscan which will scan the bar code on any letter and display the information.

It does have ads and has a paid version, but the free version works well.

Now if you do have trouble with mail being returned, you can scan the bar code and see immediately what the problem is.

The solution is to take a big permanent marker and scratch off the incorrect bar code.

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Parents – Kids and Screen Time

old-tv-set-600When I was growing up in the 1950’s, one of the topics of discussion was how much time kids spent watching television. Since we only had one TV in the living room, it was relatively easy to monitor and turn the TV off. As I recall, we might watch one or two shows at night and it was a family event. Then on Saturday we would watch morning cartoons. Other than that, we were busy living life and running around.

Now, kids have tablets, laptops and smartphones which may be available 24/7.

In a Newsweek story they mentioned that children’s screen time had increased from three hours to six and a half hours in the last twelve years.

Father Robert and Megan talked about this situation on the show Know How and what parents can do to moderate their kids screen time. Here are their suggestions.



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Help with Amazon Reviews

If you make a lot of purchases on Amazon, you probably have figured out that a lot of the reviews are fake or paid reviews. I usually pass on the 5 star ratings and look at the 3 and 4 star ratings to get a more accurate view of the product.

Patrick Norton of the podcast showed another website that should help me get a more accurate picture of the reviews. It’s called

You paste in your Amazon product link and it comes back with a grade for the product reviews. They do have a Chrome extension, but it costs $1.99/month.

Here’s a video of the process.


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Phone App Login Problem – Lastpass

I was having login problems with Instagram using Lastpass. For some reason LastPass would not fill in the Login screen.

I contacted LastPass support and got this response which fixed the problem.

Note – this is for an Android phone. I’m using version 6.0.

Open LastPass app >>> settings >>> app fill >>> Make sure “Fill logins in other apps” and “Fill helper notification” options are enabled.
Click on App Fill settings >>> make sure “Instagram” app is checked.

Then, reopen LastPass >>> settings >>> action >>> Clear LastPass cache and refresh vault.
Now, check if auto-filling is working fine with fill helper.

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Google Calendar in WordPress

One thing I have learned recently is how to add a Google Calendar to a WP site.

WordPress has a great tutorial on this, so I’m not going to repeat it, but the process is relatively easy to do. I’d suggest setting up a separate page so that the calendar can take up all possible space.

Here’s what it would look like.






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