How to Update Your Netgear Router


Do you have five minutes? That’s literally all the time it takes to update your router.

If you are concerned with security on your computer, you need to keep your router updated on a regular basis.

What I like about the Netgear R6400 router is that it sends me an email when there is a new update available. This is probably not true of cheaper $25 routers. While you can buy cheaper routers, this particular router has GREAT wifi coverage in my house and it also sends me firmware updates via email. It’s worth the extra money.

If you haven’t got any emails from your router manufacturers or it doesn’t have any updates, then it’s time to get a better router. Even though your old router might work, it is still a security risk.

Here are the basic steps.

  • You need to use a computer which is plugged into your network via an ethernet connection.
  • In the browser bar, type in
  • Enter your user name and password. Hopefully you have changed the default password. 
  • You will see a tab which says, “A router firmware upgrade is available.”
  • Click on the tab and follow the instructions.
  • Literally – 4 minutes later, your router will be finished updating.

Below is a video which shows you the process.




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Last Day to Upgrade to Windows 10

If you have forgotten or just not taken the time to upgrade to Windows 10, TODAY, January 16th, is the last day that you can get the upgrade for free.

It is supposedly only for people who might use assistive technologies, but there is no real restriction.

Here’s the link for the upgrade.

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Finding Space on an Android Phone

Files-Go-400 - EditedFiles Go is a new Google app which will help you find space on your android phone. It can also make it easy to transfer files from one android phone to another.

One interesting thing I noticed that it offers to move your pictures from your phone to your SD card – if you have one installed. I also use Google Photos which also will Free Up Space on your phone, but it deletes the files.

Below is the video which talks about the specifics.

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Anti-Virus Software Problems

If you use 3rd party anti-virus software, you may be unable to receive Microsoft security updates. Steve Gibson explains the details below.

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What’s in Your Wallet?

walletIf you’re ever lost your wallet/purse or had it stolen, one of the first things you need to do is to call all the credit card companies, banks etc. The problem is, how do we remember every card that is in your wallet/purse?

What I recommend is that once a year you either scan, copy or take a picture of every item in your wallet/purse.
Don’t use your phone for this task – you don’t want all that private information ending up on Facebook or some other social media.

I use a camera on a small tripod and take a picture, front and back, of every card I have in my wallet. The SD card I use for this is only used for this purpose.
I then label the card and put it in a safe place.

This only takes about 15 minutes for both my wife and myself.

The technique I use is to prop up the card on my laptop and I don’t use flash.



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How Fast is Your Internet?


It’s always good to know how fast your internet connection is before you start trying to diagnose problems. Here are a few speed tests I use.
My speeds are 34 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up which are not the fastest possible, but good enough for my needs.


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Hawaii on the Treadmill


During the winter I like to walk on the treadmill in the basement. I’m always looking for different ways to keep myself entertained while I walk. Here’s the latest option I found while I’m walking.

My newish laptop is a Chromebook – Asus Flip C302. While it’s a bit expensive, you could probably use a less expensive model. You do need a 2 in 1 laptop or possibly a tablet. You could use your phone, but I prefer a larger screen.

Just flip the computer into tablet mode and find a video on Youtube. You could also mute the Youtube video and play your favorite music at the same time.

I also also use blue tooth headphones to get good audio.

You could also connect the computer to a nearby television either by hdmi cable or chromecast.  Note – this particular laptop needs a USB-C to HDMI
adapter if you want to connect via cable.

If you have any favorite videos to watch while exercising – please let me know.

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