QR Code Generator

I recently bought some labels from OnlineLabels.com and noticed that they have a free to use QR Code Generator at this site.

I’m sure there are other sites that do the same thing, but this on is simple to use. It allows you to make the code in different sizes and then save the file to your computer.

It also has other options to make Barcodes and Nutrition Labels.


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Use Avery Add-On to Create Labels in Google Docs

As Google Docs don’t have a native labels function or template, you will need to use an add-on called – Avery Label Merge.

Here’s the process.

  • First create a spreadsheet document with the names you want to use to describe each column.
  • From Google Docs, create a new Blank Document.
  • From the top toolbar choose Add-on and do a search for “Avery Label” and select the Avery Label Merge app.
  • After you install it, from your blank document, choose the ” Add-on” and choose the Avery Label  Merge add-on.
  • From the menu choose New Merge
  • Select an icon – either Labels or Name Badges – and then choose the Avery label that you have.
  • Then choose the spreadsheet that you previous made.
  • You will then choose which columns you want to show up on each label.
  • After you choose the columns, you can select the label and change the font and it’s properties.
  • Click on the Merge button and you will now have a document with all your labels filled out.

Here’s a good video of the process.



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New Dell Computers Have Security Flaw Since Aug. 2015

Brian Krebs has reported on a new security flaw that new Dell computers have.

Here’s his entire article on the problem.

Here is the link to see if you have the problem.

I checked this on my Dell laptop – an older one – and it looks like my Google Chrome browser does not allow this certificate. This is another reason to run Chrome.


Here is the link for instructions on what to do.

You might want to think twice before buying a new Dell computer until this is fixed for good.

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Amazon Offers Two Factor Authentication

Amazon just started this so signup as soon as possible. They also want a backup phone number so that might be a problem for some people. You could use Google Authenticator and your own phone number or possibly your Google Voice phone number.

You can also turn your main computer into a trusted device so you don’t need the two factor authentication at home.

These are the steps.

  • Your Account
  • Change Account Settings
  • Advanced Security Settings – Edit
  • Get Started – follow the prompts.


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HooplaDigital – Movies-Music-Books – FREE


The St. Louis County Library has added another streaming media service for all it’s patrons. Yeah!!!!

All you have to do is go to Hoopladigital.com and Signup.

You choose the St.Louis County Library and setup your account.

It has ebooks, movies, comic books, audiobooks, and television (older shows). I’m listening to music as I write this, so that’s a nice feature.

To return any emedia, you have to look for a return near the bottom of the page.

While I’m using this program in St. Louis, Missouri, it is also available in other cities and states.

The library allows you to borrow 15 titles each month. On the first of each month, those borrows renew. They’ll be automatically returned when your lending period is over.

Note also that there are apps for this program which seem to work well with my Android phone. You can download books to your e-device.


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Easy Voice Recorder

easy-voice-recorderWhile I’m sure there are lots of good Voice Recorder programs out their for Chrome, the one I am using is called Easy Voice Recorder from Digipom.

The pluses are GREAT audio quality on my phone – Moto G 3rd gen and it’s easy to figure out.

One minus is that you can’t record to mp3 format. In email conversation with them, it has to do with the proprietary nature of mp3 and Google Chrome doesn’t have automatic support for mp3 recording. It does have a .m4a format, but I can’t play that on some of my devices.

I record as a .wav file which is ok, but if I want to keep it, I change it to a mp3 to reduce the size. That’s not that big of a deal since I usually work on the audio to clean it up.

The Pro version allows you to save to a SD card which also might be nice, but is not necessary.

I also don’t like some of the Permissions it asks for, but haven’t had a problem yet.

Altogether, I’m very happy with this app and use it on a semi-regular basis.

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Amazon Spending Per Year

One of the questions I was trying to figure out was how much I spent on Amazon.com during the last 12 months. It seems like something that would be easy to find, but it’s not.
I did find the link which you need.


Here is where it takes you.


Click on the Order History Reports and they will give you the options of choosing which dates to include.


They will then create the report – it takes a couple of minutes.

You then download it as a CSV file and can look at it with Excel or something similar. Unfortunately, they don’t give you a total, but it is easily done in Excel.




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