Can’t Write to a Mac Thumb Drive

I was helping a friend and wanted to copy some of his MAC files onto my USB thumb drive. No matter what I did, it would not work. Note that this is a larger 64 gb drive. I put in a smaller 4gb drive and the files were copied without any problem.

The problem is that the larger thumb drive is formatted in NTFS which a MAC can read, but cannot write to. To do a copy, you need to have a FAT32 drive which my smaller drive was setup as.

Here’s a nice video explaining the problem and solution.

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Remote Desktop in Google Hangouts

I recently had an hour long conversation with Google Tech and one of the nice features they used is a Remote Desktop feature of Google Hangouts. While I had no problems using this feature at the time, when I tried to get it to work at home, it was not as easy as it should be.

Here are the basics

  • From the regular Plus Hangouts URL.
  • Click on the “Start a Video Hangout” – bottom right.
  • You may or may not have to invite a person to start the Hangout. Initially, I could not start a hangout without inviting someone, but later on I could.
  • Remote-Desktop-03
  • I have found that this was my first problem. My invitations were not going out like they should – the 2nd alternative does work. They give you a website for the hangout – copy and paste that into an email and send it to the recipient.
  • Then  click on the Remote Desktop Icon – either on the left or the bottom
  • .Remote-Desktop-05
  • Remote-Desktop-02
  • It will refresh the Hangout and you will have to install a plugin.
  • Remote-Desktop-04
  • GoogleVoiceAndVideoSetup.exe
  • Note – I also had certain plugins blocked, so I had to allow those also. Look for messages at the top of your screen.

Access someone else’s computer

When your friend has accepted the invitation, you may or may not get a box to “Help —-Name”



When you click on the Help box, they will get a message to “Accept”the help. Again we had problems and had to allow plugins for this to happen. Eventually after much work, we got it working.

When I did not get the “Help”popup message, I had to close the tab and open up a new tab with the hangout URL.

Other people can grant you access to their computers through the Remote Desktop app. For example, if a friend is having a computer problem, they can give you access so you can help fix it.

When  you have access to another persons screen, the image is just fair and there is a slight time lag. You do have control over their mouse. 

There is also an option to quit sharing your screen near the top.

My overall rating is that this is a pain to initially setup, but if you do this on a regular basis with another person, it should get easier and work as intended.

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Freezing Your Credit

If you’re part of the Anthem 80 million people who had their personal information stolen, you may want to do a Credit Freeze. Steve Gibson talked about this in his Security Now Podcast #495.

Here is a good article on Freezing Your Credit.”

You have to do this with the three individual agencies and it does cost some money.

Here’s another good article from Consumers Union – part of Consumer Reports.

Article #2 from Consumers Union

Missouri Information

In Missouri – it seems like the best $15 anyone could invest.

Other Sites:

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Stuck Ethernet Cable

Every once in a while I have a lot of trouble getting an Ethernet cable to come out of the computer. After a recent issue, I decided to try buying an Ethernet Coupler along with some short Ethernet cables. This way I won’t have to be taking cables directly out of the computer, but just from the coupler. If there is a problem, then I’ve only messed up the coupler and not the computer connection.


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Google Drive – Files Missing?

This morning I had the scary realization that 90% of my files were missing in Google Drive. I checked two computers and the results were the same.

After a one hour call to Google, I got a partial fix and hopefully they will get this permanently fixed over the weekend. Here’s the fix although it has to be applied to EVERY folder you have in Google Drive.

  • First open up a New Incognito Window
  • incognito-mode
  • Login to Google
  • Go to Google Drive
  • Look for your files – mine were all there. For some reason Incognito mode shows all my files.
  • Open up one of the files in a folder.
  • Close the file.
  • Now go back to your standard (non-incognito) browser window and close down any Google Drive tab.
  • Open up Google Drive again
  • Your files will now show up for the folder.
  • Repeat this for every folder in Google Drive.

Why this works I have no idea, but the tech support took some screen shots and is going to escalate this problem to a higher level.

This is another reason why you need to have the Offline Google Drive app installed on at least one computer. This way even if Google Drive deletes all your files, you still would access to them.

Note/Conclusion – Approximately 48 hours after my talk with Google I got this answer, “Thank you for contacting Google Drive! I have just heard word from our specialists who looked into this issue.It seems that the issue has already been taken care off. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and thank you for your patience while we fixed it! If ever the same situation comes up again or if the problem still persists, please reply to this email. I’m happy to help! Thanks!



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Libraries – Where Did They Go?

As I Upgraded? to Windows 8.1 on one of my computers, one of the irritations that I have put with for too long is that I seem to have lost my “Libraries.” In Windows 7 they introduced this feature and I have grown to really like it. Unfortunately in 8.1 they decided to hide it and make me work even harder to find my files. Here is how to bring it back in Windows 8.1

Open up Windows/File Explorer.

  • Click on the View Button
  • Click on the Options icon.




In the General Tab you will see the box to Show All Folders – click on the box to enable it.

Now you will once again see your Libraries in Windows Explorer.


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How to Disable Flash in Google Chrome










One of the security risks that seems to always have vulnerabilities and patches is Adobe Flash. Steve Gibson in his latest Security Now podcast shares this tip on disabling Flash in Google Chrome.

In URL bar, type in – chrome://plugins

This will show you all the plugins which are currently running in Chrome. When you find Adobe Flash Player, just click on the disable button.

I’m going to give this a try and see what sites are broken. As I discover sites which need Flash, I will post them here.

  • News – Stltoday and GoogleNews – ok
  • Gmail – ok
  • YouTube – ok
  • Pandora – NO.
  • – some of their videos are Flash.
  • – most of the news seems ok, except for some embedded flash video content.
  • CafePress – need Flash to design a shirt.
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