Installing Windows 10 – Notes

Machine #1 – this is my Windows 7 Professional machine that I use for testing purposes. After downloading Windows 10 and trying to install I got the message that Windows 10 cannot be installed on this machine – there was no explanation.


Machine #2 – this is my Home Theatre PC. It’s a Lenovo Q180 and runs Win 7. It only has 2 gb of memory and an Atom processor so it’s not very powerful. Win 10 seems to have installed on this machine without any problems. Watch out for Express Install. I’d suggest you use the Custom Install instead of the Express install. Win 10 wants a lot of your personal data and using the Custom Install you can turn this off.When it finally got installed it looked remarkably like the old Windows 7. If I click on the bottom left Windows icon it goes to the new Windows 10 desktop. I tried to start Skype and it took a long time to load. I clicked on the box which allowed me to choose Skype for Desktop as my default program. One of the things I noticed is that Win 10 changes all of your default programs. You can change them back by going to
Settings – System – Default apps.

Here are some of the screens below from the custom installation.




Machine #3 – Sony Laptop

Win 10 downloaded and installed without any problems. Again – it reverts to my windows 7 start screen which I like.


Machine #4 – Aspire One Netbook

Windows 10 downloaded and installed without a problem.  This computer only has 2 gb of ram and an Atom processor, but it seems to be running smoothly with Win 10. Under Settings – Privacy – I turned off all the background apps.

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Android Phones – Stage Fright Exploit

If you use an Android phone, it is susceptible to  “Stage Fright” malware.
This seems to just affect MMS messages not SMS.

Here is advice from Steve Gibson to patch your phone.

  1. Get the latest phoneware update.
  2. ○ Disable Auto-fetching of MMS for both Hangout and regular messaging apps. ○ Open Hangout: ■ Options / Settings / SMS / Advanced ● “Auto Retrieve MMS” ○ Messages ■ More / Settings / More Settings ● Multimedia Messages -> disable “Auto Retrieve.”

Note – I noticed that Messaging was turned off in my Hangouts so I didn’t have to worry about that. I did turn off Auto-Retrieve MMS in my Messaging app.


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Moto G – 3rd Generation Notes


Having just received and activated my new Moto G – 3rd Generation, I’m going to use this page to make some notes on its positives and possible negatives. My wife has the Moto E which is slightly smaller.

  • Water Resistant – I appreciate the phone being water resistant. I’ve dropped a device in water and it died. Now I don’t have to worry about that. Also – see the video test below.
  • Display – at 720p – seems fine to my eyes.
  • Snapdragon 410 – the same processor as the Moto E.
  • 2 gb ram –
  • 16 mb memory –
  • Size – 5″screen diagonal
  • Micro SD 32 gb – you have to click a few settings to get everything to go to your SD card.
  • LTE support
  • Lollipop 5.1.1 – I appreciate having the latest version.
  • Rear Camera 13 megapixel – flip phone twice to start camera. – you have two options for size – the size I took was 4160 x 2340. Both outside and inside the picture seems good, although a little soft. With the flash inside, the picture turned out well. I’m going to try and use this for my daily camera so we’ll see how this works out. Theoretically, I’ve read that this is the same camera as the Nexus 6. Pictures are below, but they have been re-sized for the web.
  • SmartUnlock – this is a nice feature so that when you’re home you don’t have to put in a pin number.
  • Front Camera 5 megapixel –
  • Turbo Charge – Motorola sells an adapter that they say will give your phone 8 hours of usage with just 15 minutes of charging time.
  • Flashlight – chop twice to turn on light.






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T-Mobile – New Charges for a Paper Bill


T-Mobile seems to be sneaking some new charges onto our phone bills these days. I just got a text message that they are now going to charge for paper detailed bills. Something that has been free for the last thirteen years that I have been a customer.

They automatically signed me up for a paperless bill, and when I went online to check this out, found that the traditional bill was now going to cost me an additional $24.00

One option is that you can get a Summary bill for Free.

I find this ironic because literally today I went to the T-Mobile store and they said, “That since you have been such a good customer for the last 13 years,  you are eligible for a free phone.”

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I’ve been a big proponent of for many years and now I just noticed that it is Free for St. Louis County Library Users. is a video resource and training company with a LARGE list of programs and skills which all of us need to learn and refresh.

Note – you will need to setup what they call a Profile at Lynda – just your name and email address.

Here’s the link to setup an account.


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Zyxel Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit


A friend of mine uses an adapter like this to have ethernet available all over his house. He uses a different model, but the idea is the same. Robert Heron recommended this model so for $34 it seemed like a steal.

The idea is to attach one to your router and plug it into an electrical outlet. Don’t use a power strip adapter. You plug the other one into the outlet where you want the new ethernet. You press a button on one adapter and then go down to the second adapter and press the button on it. It then connects and you are on the internet.

I’m not sure what the small CD is for.I did not need it.

Zyxel also has a four port model for $80.00

Here are some test  results – download/upload speeds.

Upstairs direct connection to router – 17.5/3.5

Laptop on wireless – 15.2/3.5

Laptop on adapter – 17.3/3.5

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LastPass Bypass of Two-Factor Authentication

One of the things I have noticed lately is that LastPass is only using my password to login and not using my two-factor authentication. I asked them why this was happening and they sent me to the page below. I tested this out by logging out of LastPass and then disconnecting from my wireless network. I logged into LastPass with just my password and it logged in. Apparently all you need is a password in Offline Mode.


Why can I bypass 2 Factor Authentication to login to the current site my browser is on?

To validate your multifactor token, multifactor authentication requires that you have an Internet connection: if you do not pass LastPass a correct multifactor token, LastPass will never release your encrypted data. However, LastPass also has an ‘Offline Mode‘: it keeps a locally cached encrypted copy of your data on your local device so that you’ll still be able to access your data even in the event that you do not have Internet access. On some connections, when you log in to LastPass you are logged in offline to the locally cached copy of your data before it can authenticate online. As a result, you might experience cases where LastPass will fill in the credentials for the current page you are on before you provide us your LastPass multifactor token. If you want to prevent this behavior, do the following:

Clear your Local Cache after each browser session:

  1. Log into LastPass
  2. Click on the  LastPass Icon > Tools > Advanced Tools > Clear local cache
  3. Logoff LastPass

or Disable Offline Mode

  1. Go to your account settings.
  2. Click on the Multifactor Tab
  3. Toggle ‘Permit Offline Access’ to ‘Disallow’
  4. Update


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