Handbrake – SubTitles


One of the mysteries solved is how to encode video which has subtitles, but only in certain parts of the movie. Under the Subtitles tab, this configuration is what works for me. Forced Only and Burn In.

Make sure you save this as a preset and it can use it every time you need it.

Here is a link where it talks about Forced Subtitles in Handbrake.

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OpenDNS for Security Risks

One way to protect yourself and your family on the internet is to make sure you don’t go to compromised sites.

OpenDNS.com is a way to setup your computer or even better your router so that you stay on safe internet websites.

They offer three “Home” solutions.

  1. Family Shield – free
  2. Home – free
  3. Home VIP – costs $20/year

For most people, the Home version is probably the best.
The VIP versions doesn’t seem to offer many benefits for the money other than for young kids. You can lock down a router to specific white-listed sites which will keep young kids out of trouble. You can set your own personal computer to use other websites.

If the kids have their own personal tablet, you can change their personal DNS settings.
Here are instructions on changing an Android tablet.

Here’s a link which compares the different versions.

One of the caveats is that OpenDNS does not protect you nearly enough. A PCMag.com article said that OpenDNS did not protect well from malware URLs and blocked few phishing sites.

OpenDNS does have some instructions on their site depending on what router and devices you own – https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us

Here’s a good video on using OpenDNS.com

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Dropbox Tips

dropboxHere are the basics for sharing files via Dropbox.com with a friend.

You first need to upload a file to your Dropbox account.
They give you 2 gb of space on the free accounts.

For files that you are sharing, it’s easiest to create a folder for the files via the icons near the top right. Once the file/files are loaded, you can click on the SHARE button to allow a friend to get the file. Enter their email address and they will get an email telling them that they can get the file that was shared.

Your friend does need to first setup an account.


From the Download link and down arrow, they can either download the file to their computer or copy it to their Dropbox account.




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Handbrake Video Editing

I was having trouble editing a mpg video with Adobe Premiere and couldn’t get the audio to sync. Out of desperation I tried to use Handbrake to change the video from mpg to a mp4 file.

That is relatively easy to do, but I wanted to shorten the video since it had extra material at the end. That is also easy to do – here’s how to do it.

Load the you want to edit.
Then change Chapters to Seconds and fill in the time settings you want to keep.


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Is Your Refrigerator a Security Risk?

I found this congressional committee meeting quite interesting. It talks about the growing risk of using IOT – Internet of Things – devices like a thermostat, light bulbs, refrigerators etc. and what will be necessary for us to do in the near future.

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YouTube Video Editor

I was looking for a Chromebook video editor and found the YouTube Video Editor as a pretty good option. The video at the bottom has the basics, but here are a few tips.

  • You first upload your raw video to your YouTube channel.
  • Then go to this link. https://www.youtube.com/editor
  • Quick Fixes – click on the video on the timeline.
  • Main Menu – click outside the timeline video.
  • They also have free background audio/music you can add to your videos.
  • This is basically just one timeline with an ability to have background audio and also the capability to add some basic text boxes.
  • There are no other layers. You can’t add video on top of video.

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Yahoo Email – Keep/Delete/Scrub

If you have a Yahoo email account, you may be tempted to dump it and move to Gmail or some other email option.
Here are some reasons why you might want to leave Yahoo.

  1. Yahoo has been  hiding email hacks for two years when  500 million accounts were stolen.
  2. They turned over email data to the US government.
  3. Just recently, they turned off email forwarding, although this has since been turned back on.

The video below talks about this whole topic and even talks about why you might want to keep your Yahoo email account.

My solution is to keep your account, but change the email address from all your important  websites to a new Gmail/Other account. This is going to take some time, but it’s worthwhile. I’d also suggest turning on email forwarding so that your Yahoo email goes to the new email address.

Here are some reasons to keep your account active.

  • You may use your Yahoo email as a recovery email for another website.
  • You don’t want someone else to use your name and end up with an email address which looks like it’s coming from you.
  • You may still need to periodically send an email from your Yahoo account to prevent the account from being deleted by Yahoo.

Here’s the page if you absolutely want to delete your account.

Below is the video from “The New Screen Savers” show which talks about this topic.



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