Your Passwords – Are they Secure?

If you’re like me, your list of website passwords is growing to look like a small dictionary. Most security experts tell you to not have the same password for all your sites, so the bad guys don’t have access to everything if they get the password to one site. I now have 525 passwords.  I’ve been looking for an easy solution to keeping this list secure and think I’ve found a solution.

Steve and Leo, stars of the “Security Now” podcast gave a great tip on how to easily secure you giant list of passwords using LockNote from Steganos. Its a free application which is basically a text editor plus encryption. Copy and paste your list of passwords into LockNote and then save it with a filename. It will prompt you for a password. Then whenever you want to open that file again it will prompt you for the password. Now all your passwords are in one, encrypted file.

Addendum: In Security Now #235 Steve says that he has looked at the code behind LockNote and it appears to be very secure.


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