Delete Files from Sony Alpha Cameras


I recently had the experience of not being able to delete files via Windows Explorer when I was connecting my Sony SLT-A65 camera. This has never happened in the past and was quite a mystery. I could take the SD card out of the camera and put it in my computer and could then delete files, but that was the only easy way to get rid of my old files.

After doing a bit of internet research and testing on my part, here’s what I found.

You have to change one, if not two, settings depending on your camera. I had my camera in the shop and they must have updated the firmware.

On the SLT-A65
Menu – Wrench #2
Change the USB setting to Mass Storage.

For the SLT-a58
Under Wrench Icon #2
1. Select USB CONNECTION – choose Mass Storage
2. USB LUN SETTING – change to Single.
Only when I change BOTH of those settings am I able to delete pictures from my SD card.

Sony has things set to AUTO – which doesn’t work for me.



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